Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IT consultants.

Ratartat is branching out it's age group in a desperate attempt to attract young blood, to an old company. Introducing their first attempts at trying photoshop, in which Liam is basil brush, and Aisha is too embarassed to include herself in HER photo. Liam is Pete's son, and Aisha is Geoff's daughter. We're keeping it in the family, you see. LOL

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Budburra Books.

Budburra Books is a new initiative of Ratartat and Cherbourg State School, Queensland. The books have been created and designed by the students, teachers and local community members. These books are now published in order to provide books created in the Cherbourg community for the Cherbourg children and the greater Australian community. Peter and Geoff have worked with Cherbourg children over several years, teaching valuable art techniques that have been used through all of the books. Here is a little taste of the artwork that is being produced for the recently published Budburra's Alphabet.

Monday, February 22, 2010


MOVEALONG - Next Wave Festival - 2002
‘MOVEALONG’: a travelling sound and light show produced by 15 young people in Ballarat for the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne. It was parked at the Art Centre and animated for 10 days, then returned to Ballarat to the Fine Art Gallery and beyond.

Ballarat Winter Festival - July 1998.
Ballarat has a reputation for low temperatures. We dressed, in character,
7 of the Victorian statues in the main boulevard of the town with recycled woollen blankets.
Little did we realise that the R.S.L. would assert that we had
desicrated The Boer War Memorial. A debate was conducted locally in the media and then nationally.
Many people became advocates for the work and it was defended successfully.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

From the archive - Brisbane Riverfestival 2003

Water Tables - Brisbane Riverfestival 2003.

Ephemeral sculptures made from thousands of plastic water bottles. Because as we all know good clean water only comes out of plastic bottles!!
Collaborative project -Ratartat, Vivienne McDermott and students from the Fine Art Department
Queensland College of the Arts.
Water Tables - Idea sketches

Table and Chairs

'Salinometer'. Plastic bottles, salt, wood, wire.
SouthBank Brisbane Riverfestival 2003. The salinometer was built around one of the palm trees that line the river bank.

Pool Table
Brisbane Riverfestival 2003
images copyright Ratartat 2003